Kampyo is one of the most important sushi ingridient.It is Japanese gourd, same family with calabash or big round things attatched behind of Indian instrument Sitar.This heavy fruit is harvested late June, peeled and dried.For cooking, kampyo is washed in warm salted water very well, cooked in boiling water about 1 hour. Once drained, cooked again in soya sauce and sugar untill almost no requid remain in the pan.

This food contains vitamine B2, iron and a lot of dietry fiber.

In Japan,Norimaki ( sushi roll ) means Kampyo roll, if you don't mention any other name of ingriedients. ( In same way " Flower " means cherry blosomes in Japan.

In old time, when refrirater was not exist, sushi was not made in home but only in sushi restaurant except Kampyo roll.This roll was popular item for picnic or all kinds of event to bring. Purely the taste of mother.


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